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Laser scanning of industrial plants for remodels / upgrades

The complexity and detail required to document industrial plants and projects can be a complex job. The sheer number of pipes, conveyors, and equipment makes the task seem impossible. The plans used to work were probably made by hand (pre-CAD) or are not up to date.

Design, planning and analysis must be based on reliable measurements. Consistent as-built drawings and high-accuracy 3D models help projects flow smoothly. We provide 3D laser scanning services to quickly produce accurate and detailed scans with minimal on-site interruption or downtime. Due to its precision and efficiency, laser scanning is ideal for your industrial projects. In just minutes, each high-definition scan accurately captures every detail of the maze of equipment, structures, valves, pipes, and cable trays.

Advantages of using laser scanning in industrial facilities:

Industrial plants laser scanning - Scan to BIM
Industrial plants laser scanning

Speed and efficiency

Our 3D laser scanning service offers incredible detail in a short period of time. Survey work that would have taken days or weeks to complete can now be completed in hours. For as-built, topographic, detail, and engineering surveys, time to completion has never been faster. Laser scanning also enables data collection in a variety of circumstances, including low-light scenarios.

Point cloud industry Laser scanning - Spain, Europe, Italy, Germany, Portugal
Point cloud industry Laser scanning

Precision and detail

Laser scanners (using LiDAR) acquire a large amount of information about the scanned location in a matter of seconds. The laser sweeps across an area or object and returns millions of data points.

More detailed and accurate information leads to more complete As-built design projects, resulting in better retrofit designs. This leads to less time-consuming construction re-work and the ability to manufacture in the factory rather than in the field. This translates into less facility downtime.

Laser scanning of industrial plants and manufacturing - Point clouds
Laser scanning of industrial plants and manufacturing


From a safety perspective, laser scanning allows us to inspect areas that might be considered unsafe without endangering ourselves or team members. For example, measuring the cliff face would have put the surveyor in a position of health risk, but with scanning, our surveyor places the instrument at the base of the cliff and lets the machine do all the measurements.

We serve local, regional and national clients. We have completed large and small projects in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Germany, Switzerland and throughout Europe:

  • Processing plants

  • Petrochemical / oil and gas

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Utilities


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