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3D marine laser scanner services

Our work based on marine laser scanner and 3D scanner technology, also known as LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging), allows us to generate a large amount of geometric documentation from the data collected using point cloud editing and processing software. 3D (Reality Capture).
It is an excellent alternative to traditional methods, which cannot cope with object access problems, safe measurements, or time and precision constraints.

3D scanner services
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We carry out precise and detailed 3D scans of ships, large naval infrastructures, port buildings, environments and objects, useful for the execution of projects in industry, architecture, heritage and many other areas.
In the measurement and planning phase of buildings, renovations, interiors and exterior installations, detailed and reliable measurement data is especially necessary. Since accuracy and perfect taking of measurements are the basis of any solid planning and documentation, for the architecture and engineering industry the processing of simple 2D representations is no longer sufficient today.

Naval industry
Naval laser scanning, Marine industry laser scanner, As-Built Models, Spain, Barcelona, Algeciras, Valencia, Cartagena, Vigo, Bilbao, Santander, Las Palmas, Alicante, Castellón, Malaga, Seville -Tarragona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Portugal, Leixões, Aveiro, Lisbon, Setúbal, Sines, Tangier, Aveiro, France, Italy, Egypt, Europe

The use of laser scanning in shipbuilding is a technology that helps shipyards deliver projects faster, more efficiently and with less risk. We are a company that specializes in the fast and accurate capture of current conditions, using the latest proven technologies in laser scanning and precision elevation, to achieve best practices for the repair of boats and new construction.

We collaborate with naval companies and field specialists, we offer high quality services for shipping companies in all Spanish ports (Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Santander ...), Europe and North Africa.

The key to competitive utilization lies in being able to capture the boat

Hull and keel laser scanning
Boat hull and keel scanning, shipbuilding laser, Ballast water treatment system, 3D laser scanning, BWTS laser scanning, Spain, Algeciras, Barcelona, Valencia, Vigo, Santander, Tangier

Ship surfaces with complex geometry, such as the hull, tanks and engine room, are often measured using outdated methods. These methods provide only two-dimensional drawings that cannot show the complexities of the structures. Consequently, they lead to inaccuracies and insufficient designs, making construction, maintenance, security, and other projects not only difficult, but also time-consuming and expensive to implement.
Our team combines their expertise and longstanding survey engineering expertise with the latest generation of 3D laser scanners (3D imaging technology) and advanced software to deliver highly accurate, high-quality visualizations.

3D point cloud generation

The point cloud is the result of the process of scanning the surfaces of the object, environment or infrastructure to be processed with the 3D laser scanner and is made up of the set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These vertices are commonly identified as X, Y, and Z coordinates and are representations of the external surface of an object.
The great advantage of the point cloud is the possibility of using it in the most common software such as Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Archicad, Faro Scene, Solidworks, Tekla, Inventor and other software on the market from the files generated.

BWTS laser scanning
BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System), EGCS (Exhaust Gas Cleaning System), Chiller System, Scrubbers, Industry 3D Scan, pipes, pumps, boilers. Spain, Algeciras, Barcelona, Valencia, Vigo, Santander, Tangier

3D laser scanning allows you to capture the "as-built" conditions of the boat or vessel before installing a Ballast Water Treatment or BWTS system. The scan provides accurate measurements and high details of the existing pipe and structure.

According to the Convention, all ships in international traffic must manage their ballast water and sediments according to a certain standard.

Replacement or new parts or structures are often manufactured off-site. To ensure the perfect fit, the existing structure is scanned and modeled with very high precision and used in the design and fabrication of new components or structures.

Industrial facilities and MEP
Industrial Facility Scanning - Point Cloud, Industry 3D Scan, Reverse Engineering, Architecture, Naval Engineering, Industry, 360 Imaging, Metrology

Manufacturing and industrial facilities are very dynamic spaces, so your 3D laser scanning solutions need to be dynamic too.

Our job is to use our laser scanning solutions to create a point cloud 3D reality capture of the facility and its contents. Once the point cloud model is transferred to our client, they can integrate it into a modeling solution (eg Autodesk Factory Design Suite, Solidworks, Tekla, etc.) and use it as a basis to help locate equipment and create new workflows. more efficient products. By creating a real shot, we can help our clients to accurately calculate 3D space constraints and gaps.

Reverse engineering of mechanical parts using 3D technology
Sports car 3D scan, reverse engineering, laser scan, Barcelona

Laser scanner and 3D scanner technology is an indispensable tool for sectors such as industrial metrology, the possibility of obtaining a virtual model completely faithful to the original in high resolution opens a huge field of possibilities for different disciplines. Once the digital model is obtained, it is possible to reproduce it in different materials by means of CNC milling, 3D printing or to carry out design modifications.We digitize industrial elements reproducing them with exactitude and precision at various scales, through the reverse engineering procedure to obtain information or a design based on a product, in order to determine what it is made of, what makes it work and how it was manufactured.

To capture the information, we use 3D laser scanners, obtaining information that after being processed can be delivered as parametric files ready to be used in CNC.

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