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Industry Laser scanning and modeling: Lithium salt filters 8 tons

Quality of finish in a project or product is directly determined by the quality of planning and data collected to support decision making, design requirements, and manufacturing processes.

3D Laser Scanning Technology ensure the quality and accuracy of measurements taken for parts, equipment, and spaces are of the highest caliber to ensure manufacturing and project execution quality.

Our 3D laser scans take a permanent record of the objects and spaces with ultra-high accuracy and precision. Using this, architects and engineers recreate digital models of the project or utilize the scans directly in model overlays, comparisons, or presentations.

Scan to BIM - Industrial Laser Scanning - BIM Modeling - Spain - Germany - Italy - Portugal - Malta - France - Belgium - Gibraltar
Scan to BIM - Industrial Laser Scanning - BIM Modeling

Uses of 3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D Laser Scanning Services are put to the best use for our clients in these applications:

CAD model creation

Our high-definition 3D laser scanning technology scans any object or space to create meshed surface models or point cloud models to be exported for use in BIM’s or 3D Modelling software systems (Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Solidworks, Autocad, Graphisoft Archicad, etc.) for creation and review of 3D Models.

BIM LOD 350 Modeling details- Spain - Germany - Italy - Portugal - Malta - France - Belgium - Gibraltar
BIM LOD 350 Modeling details

Reverse Engineering

Utilization of 3D laser scanning technology allows our expert engineering team to quickly and accurately reverse engineer parts or components that are either discontinued or have too great a lead time to replace or stock parts that are critical for your processing equipment. It can also be used to effectively repair parts and components that are worn or difficult to measure by hand with typical measuring equipment (Tape measures, calipers, etc.).

BIM Integration

3D laser scanning of interior or exterior spaces in buildings allows for the accurate and detailed creation of a building information model that can be used by architects and engineers throughout design and construction. It eliminates the need to go to the site to take field measurements or sift through blueprints to create a model that can be used for concept or construction drawings. Use of the point cloud data as an overlay or foundation for model creation allows for easy comparison and interpretation of accurate field data.

Laser Scanning - Scan to BIM - Spain - Germany - Italy - Portugal - Malta - France - Belgium - Gibraltar
Laser Scanning - Scan to BIM - Point Cloud

Non-Destructive Inspection

3D laser scanning can be used to inspect structures or mechanical systems to understand surface wear, component wear, or corrosion to analyze fit for current/future use, maintenance records, or replacement planning. This process is non-intrusive and requires no physical interaction or measuring equipment to complete.

Digital Records

With 3D laser scanning, a permanent digital records of antiques or precious valuables can be created easily and accurately for future generations to observe and share. Museums, auction houses, or antique collectors use this technology regularly to preserve and communicate records and data.


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