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Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) Laser scanning for Oil / Chemical Tanker 6980 t

A better approach involves scanning ship spaces with a 3D laser scanner to create a very detailed and accurate 3D point cloud model. Today’s high-speed laser scanners are quite suitable for this purpose as they can take tens of millions of measurements in just a few minutes.

Scans are taken from various positions in order to provide sufficient coverage around equipment. The scans are then registered together to bring them all into the same coordinate system. Scans of the ship's hull and keel can also be taken, in which hull curves and surface models can be created for fuel or stability analysis if needed.

BWTS Laser scanning for retrofit
BWTS Laser scanning

3D scanning allows the user to get a very accurate “as build” of the scanned area. This information can be used for different purposes, such as:

​- Ballast Water Treatment System installation

- Scrubber System installation

- Ventilation upgrade (duct modifications)

- In-service pipe spool replacements

- Air Ducts

- Hull geometry / Production of Lines Plan

- Visualization of damage to the ship structure

- Any alteration done to a ship structure or systems

Engine Room Marine Laser scanning
Engine Room Laser scanning

Scanphase offers a 3D laser scanning service to assist owners and yards to be ahead of the market, planning the project, designing the refit and procuring materials ready to begin work as soon as the vessel reaches the repair dock.

Scanphase collaborates with naval companies and field specialists and offers high quality services for shipping companies in all European ports (Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, ...), Spanish ports (Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Santander, Tarragona, El Ferrol, Cartagena, Avilés ...) and North Africa.


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