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3D scanning and digitization process of the S51 submarine

Laser scanning and 3D digitalization process of the S51 submarine, where we show the capture of surfaces by means of a laser scanner, the point cloud treatment and finally the regeneration of the final digital forms with polygon meshes.

Note that the BIM methodological approach has the great advantage of being able to be applied to multiple construction environments beyond architecture.

The S51 submarine belonged to the Shark class, small constructions that were intended to carry out week-long missions, ideal for operating in shallow waters and in command operations.

Marine Laser Scanning (Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Malta, Morocco, Portugal)
Marine Laser Scanning - 3D Model

It is characterized by having an approximate length/beam ratio of 10/1, in order to achieve refined shapes that reduce hydrodynamic resistance and a circular section, with a small ode at the bow and with a keel cross at the stern, which serves as a support for the Kart nozzle, of considerable size (1.88 X 1.54 m.), inside which the propeller rotates, modified caplan type, 1.49 meters in diameter and made of nickel bronze alloy, with a fixed pitch and tripala.

The lower part of the keel cross extends to about two meters from the bow.

Naval Laser Scanning  - Submarine hull pointcloud (spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Italy, Malta, Gibraltar)
Naval Laser Scanning - Submarine hull pointcloud

Our company offers a 3D laser scanning service to assist owners and yards to be ahead of the market, planning the project, designing the refit and procuring materials ready to begin work as soon as the vessel reaches the repair dock.

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